105061“Ed has worked with the Irish women’s XV squad since summer 2015. He has dedicated his time along with the players to train us early mornings and late evenings. Motivating people in high performance who are working full time can sometimes be difficult, but Ed has managed to work with players to understand their needs and commitments so they can train and play to their full potential throughout different times of the season. Ed has been a positive influence on the squad to seek gains in players individual and squad goals to meet the demand of the constant improvements of the women’s XVs game.”
Sophie Spence – Irish Womens XV Player, 2015 World Player of the Year Nominee



 Sean Walsh copy“I found my time working with Ed to be very beneficial to my team and myself. Personally my technique in the gym has improved dramatically through Ed’s advice, which enabled me to lift heavier weight. Before working with Ed I struggled to make gains but now I feel more comfortable pushing myself. With the team I feel he creates a good working environment, which challenges guys to get the best they can out of themselves. Ed works very well with guys one on one giving confidence to work harder. His sessions on the field have also been very beneficial to us improving our fitness greatly. I am delighted to have him as our S&C coach and hope to work with him into the future.”

Seán Walsh – Irish Club Team International Player, Captain Cashel RFC
“Really enjoyed working with Ed on the Borrisoleigh Senior hurlers in 2014. His sessions were short, sharp, intensive but always enjoyable. The group responded really well to all sessions, field and gym alike, and the benefits were plain to see in terms of speed, endurance and strength gain in particular.  He has a thorough knowledge of the Strength and Conditioning requirements of GAA teams, which he applied in a consistent and well-structured manner. All in all a pleasure to work with.”
Ollie Moran: Manager Borrisoleigh Senior Hurlers 2014. Former Limerick Senior Intercounty Hurling Captain.


1040629 “Working with Ed was hugely beneficial not only for myself personally but for the team as well. Ed has improved my technique in the gym and has educated me in some stretching and prehab exercises that have prevented a lot of injuries throughout the season. He can work in groups but is also very good working one on one with people, giving them advice on how to improve technique or providing alternative methods of exercising. I found Ed to be very good when working on my speed as I noticed drastic improvements in my acceleration. I enjoyed working with Ed and hope to work with him again in the future.”

David Gleeson, 2014 Munster Youths Player and 2015 Tipperary Minor Hurling Team Player (All Ireland Finalists)


“I’ve just recently finished a six-week strength & conditioning program with Ed. The reason I signed up for this was I was after having my second child and was finding it hard to shift the last bit of weight put on in pregnancy. I was nervous and apprehensive when I signed up but I couldn’t have asked for better with Ed. To begin with we went through my goals and also decided t get the nutrition side of things right as well. Each week we did 4 sessions with 2 one on one with Ed. For the duration of the one on one session Ed was the upmost professional, ever encouraging and he was completely attentive. He was constantly looking to improve our posture and techniques and I saw great differences at the end of the six weeks. At the end I measured 3″ less on hips, 2″ less on waist, 1″ less on thighs and arms. I had way more energy and my nutrition choices have completely changed and these changes are with me long term. I would like to thank Ed hugely for his support and for introducing me to completely new exercises. I would highly recommend Ed for a personal trainer. He is very knowledgeable and tweaks each program to suit the individual.” 
Evelyn Hughes: Personal Training Client


“I did a 6 week programme with Ed. From the start I got my training and nutritional plans. I did 4 days a week for 6 weeks. I must say I found this plan really good. The reps increased week by week and I found as the weeks went by I was also increasing the weights I was lifting. On the nutritional side of things Ed gave me some really good advice and recipes. Over the 6 weeks I lost around 8lbs of fat but lost 4 inches off my stomach and increased my biceps by 2 to 3 inches. I also found that my whole body had toned up. But most importantly I felt a lot healthier than I did at the start. With Ed’s encouragement and guidance I hit personal targets that I didn’t think I could achieve. I would highly recommend Ed as he knows how and when to push you to your limits…and trust me he will help you hit your targets.”
Colm Ryan – Personal Training Client


“Ed is a great trainer, his sessions are tough, challenging but enjoyable. He tailors the session to your needs and what you enjoy doing. The results were great; I am stronger, my flexibility has increased and I became more knowledgeable. He really knew when to encourage and push me and when I really couldn’t give anymore, which spurred me on to push myself to get more out of every session. His professionalism and passion was outstanding.”
Rachael Lynch – Personal Training Client